Thursday, October 2, 2008

one of the best parts of my week

Today is Thursday. J-dawg Thursday to be exact. Today would be the third regular occurence (minus last week, because Haylie and I spotted free food on the way to J-dawgs, so we were responsible.) So I guess this is actually only the second. Whatever. Today Uncle Tracy joined us and we (meaning I listened intently) talked about the upset of a game last night's CUBS VS. dodgers was. Uncle Tracy was on his way back from an exciting business trip in Richfield, so he met us at this classy stand.

I highly recommend it if you're ever in Provo. And heck, I'd love to take you there next time you come down. I also recommend the polish dawg, with special sauce (sweet and spicy!), onions, and a pickle (and dijon mustard if you're feeling saucy-- no pun intended)

because you only live once... plus it's mostly healthy!


Natalie said...

My thoughts have been with the Ferguson clan during this time of grief for their precious Cubbies! At least you can find some consolation in a J-Dawg, though.

Charmaine said...

That looks pretty dang gross to me. Thanks for the picture, now I'd know what not to eat there!! Love ya, you little weirdo.

TDF said...

MalPal, thanks for your kind words during this difficult time. Thursday was fun and JDawgs was yum-my. We'll do it again soon. Go Cubs!

Jandi said...

Where is this JDawgs place? Jer and I need to try it! I've finally started to update our blog and I have 1 new post! It only took 9 months!

B-Tuck said...

what did i post when you said you couldn't post it that was so inappropriate? i don't even remember. i need to blog more. look at you. you're so good at it. anyway, love you!

Sandy said...

I just had my first J Dawg on Monday and now I feel that I must return today for one more! Something in their Evil Special Sauce must cause this feeling...Wishing you were going to be there,