Thursday, October 30, 2008

life comes at you fast

that's why there's (chocolate, chick flicks, blogs, malls, etc.)

i usually need about 6 hours of sleep a night. on average this week, i have slept about 9.2 hours a night. when i ask myself why the sudden change, there is nothing that i can quite put my finger on. except that 9 o'clock rolls around and i think 'i'd rather go to bed than do anything else right now'

it all started on monday. i had the worst day ever! i am not one to cry (unless i'm at the pulpit, then heaven help me, it's like niagara falls) but this monday was really pushing the limits. I walked home in the dark and truly wondered if i would ever get a job after college, and if my family would still love me, and if obama would actually get elected. (the first two were rough questions, but it was really that third one that brought the tears) haylie told me over and over that this was no big deal, and it's not going to matter, and at least my life has problems i can fix. after a lot of contemplation about how much i worry about school and getting a career, i realized, there is no need to worry about this stuff as much as i do. i should be more worried about the sisters in relief society who don't feel welcome.

and that's my remedy for adding hours of sleep to your life. quit worrying.


Danielle said...

I love getting to know you more through your blog! (Eric told me to look at it a few weeks ago, and I thought it was high time that I let you know I was enjoying it...) My friend graduated in mechanical engineering, and has an amazing job building weapons and rockets. (I don't think it's what she intended to do as a career, but she absolutely loves it.) So you're right, no worries-that job will definitely be there when you graduate!

Charmaine said...

What words of wisdom might I give you this night? Well, Mallory Baby, first I will tell you part of your sleeping change is due to the change of savings time. You know mentally, by the time it gets to 9:oo, it has already been dark for a few hours, so our body tells us,"whoa,it's past dark and I need my sleep, or I'll never wake up in the a.m." It could get wdorse, and if it does, take advantage of it while you can! Not to mention the fact that you will probably feel much better in the a.m.
I don't know what all happened to you on Monday,but I can tell you to remember my Sunday morning last, now that was a crappy day!!
As for the election, what will be will be. You can only do your part by voting, the rest is up to the rest of the United States, and let's hope that they have plenty of brains and not just trains! (remember that story?)Anyway, just vote, if you don't and Obama wins you will always blame yourself by saying "if only."
And last but not least, remember your whole family will love you even if you ended up a bag lady! They might not love your smell, but they will still love you!!.
I love you Mal, and with all you've got going for you,your bound to do great. Now come on, chin up and go get em Tiger!! (ROAR)
ox ox ox ox

Eric said...

Mallory I was in the library today and thought you know if Obama gets elected I can become a bum and smoozed off the system as I get my college degree spend four years living the ghetto dream and then when he gets ousted go back to work. So lets not look at it as anything more than a four year vacation. Love ya sis

Natalie said...

You are one hot cowgirl and I am proud of you for getting more sleep and eating chocolate. I am so glad to have you as my favorite little sister! LOVE YA!