Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Remember this girl?

Nicole Little was one my good buddies in highschool. I had so many sleepovers at her house. A lot of these were on school nights too. After track practice I would go over to nicole's house and sit on her couch and watch tv in my workout clothes, and eat all the fruitsnacks. Oh and string cheese. Nicole's mom would usually get mad at me if I asked if I could have some food, she'd say "oh! for heck's sake you don't have to ask! you live here, just have anything you want" Then I would stick around for 4 more hours. I can remember a couple of occasions when I would help nicole get ready for a date (by eating string cheese on her bed while she got ready) then sit on the stairs whilst Sione, or Nick picked her up then continue to watch tv with her parents while nicole was on her date. Yes, I was a loyal friend. I found these pictures somewhere the other day and just thought I'd share my memories with all of you.

I just love this picture of nicole (little) wall.

Kees Lundberg's (pronounced 'case')dad was in a branch of the military. Every year a military ball was held. When we were juniors, Kees asked Kariann. Nicole was heard to say "I call dibs next year." Nicole got almost anything she asked for. Unfortunately, Kees's friend didn't have a date, but it's ok Kees let him be in a picture with himself and Nicole.

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nicole and jared said...

mallory that was such a sweet description of me. Your such a fun person!But we are still friends right? I mean except that we have like 3 hour talks every 3 months or so, that still counts right? Anyways we have lots of awesome memories together i still love you like a sister so thanks for everything.