Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It was a summer of fashion, fun and frivolity

Today is the first day of my junior year. It's been an absolutely fabulous day. I am still looking forward to seeing faces I haven't seen for 4 months (elyse). As Summer fun came to a close last night, I wanted to tell the season thank you, but fell asleep. So it's a little late summer, but here's all my thanks:

Spring Semester/May/June.
  • I was the Primary president for two short months in the 79th ward. I got to meet with the primary aged children belonging to the bishopric once a month. Those two meetings were awesome. We went on walks, played a lot of hang man, settled some arguments, got glitter on everyone's face (thanks mya clayton), and learned a couple Book of Mormon stories.
  • Brian walked me through my elective electrical engineering class.
  • My social scene was lacking, but I had an awesome goal to fill that time. My goal was to run 80 miles in the month of June. I only ran 70 miles, during which I ran the longest run of my career (8 miles). It was sweet, I loved every step.

Summer Semester/July/August

  • I took an organic chemistry lab and wore old jeans and a huge t-shirt to school almost everyday. When I finished the lab, and dressed normal, everyone at work wouldn't stop asking what I was dressed up for. Awesome.
  • I was called to the Relief Society presidency (hence removal from the primary) as 1st counselor. I love this calling. I love having girlfriends in the ward, and they are sort of forced to be my friend, and I like that.
  • Our family went to Bear Lake and it was such an awesome vacation! I went on the water weenie with Matt and Brian and threw them both off, I got up on the wakeboard, lit some fireworks with Matt, gave some massages, and got a serious sunburn. It was one of the best vacations I've had a while.
  • I contributed to a paper this summer, that was recently published. We also submitted it to a conference where I will present it next week in Salt Lake. I recieved a 'travel award' from the conference that I am using to go to Milwaukee in October and hang out with Mike for a few days before we both fly home. It will be my first commercial airplane ride. But I'm more excited to see Mike.
  • Becky lived me for two amazing weeks, and we really got our friendship on.
  • Haylie (my cousin) moved in, and we are having a blast! (plus she made the apartment adorable)
  • I have been over to my mom's cousin Lon and his wife Rita's house and enjoyed fun company, good food, and competive 'dive for the torpedo' in their pool.
  • I rode a few miles on bishop Jeff's bike in Provo canyon.
  • Ate it hardcore on my longboard (and recovered)
  • GAP came out with the V-neck. Enough said.
  • Learned about ALIAS, and SUPERNATURAL
  • I made awesome friends: Lili and Becky
  • And Eric and I really got our friendship on. We've had fun.

Thanks for reading family, I love you guys. Send me an email at mallory.phillips.byu@gmail.com with your email address so I can add you to a list, to keep my blog a little private. XoxoXOO


B-Tuck said...

you fantastic and i love you and your blog!! i miss you more than words can express. hopefully i'll see you soon! :)

Charmaine said...

What can I say Mallory Baby! You are so talented I can't believe it! How little I know about all my nieces and nephews. Thanks so much for your love and support you give me all the time. You are adored!!Keep that smile on and those blog posts coming.