Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's fall, and the freshman are here

So last night I picked Becky up at Los Hermanos at 11:15. As we approached the Riviera, we saw two people skipping. Skipping. The girl looked dorky, and the boy was downright embarrasing. "Yep Becky, that's my ex-boyfriend." This is just an example of one of those 'things' you look back on and think "I was such a dork" or "Really? What was I thinking?" If you were one of my brothers you would say "Why did I let mom give me a mullet, and steps in the side of my hair?" or "Why did I paintball that house in a driveby?" Well maybe they don't worry about that first one. Me, I wonder why I let eric cut my hair to my ears when I was four. Or why did I stay up until 2 last night when I had all this homework? Or why did dare eric to punch me in the face that one time?

I guess the freshman on campus remind me of a little younger version of myself. They tour campus with their parents, and ask seemingly stupid questions. Half the time they look like deer in the headlights, and the other half they act like animals during mating season. No sophomore, junior, senior, or variation of super senior passes up the opportunity to take cheap shots at freshman. I know, because I participate. I guess we do it to take the attention away from how clueless we actually are- just about different things than the physical locations of buildings on campus. We all think we were never as mentally incapable as the new freshman, but inside we regret that we were even bigger geeks.

This week I got two new roommates, and a large uhaul full of new and exciting decorations. About every four months it feels like my life turns upside down. Just because I move into a new apartment. I have always been pessimistic and ornery about my roommates. I wondered this last week if I actually took the opportunity to learn the lessons I could from all my unique roommates I've had in the past two years. I decided from now on, I'm not going to take 4 months to just tolerate them, then learn some cools lessons the week they move out. I have had a lot of different roommates, and I am pretty excited about the new ones. They are just what I want. Incredibly nice, selfless, and female. I predict a drama free year. I'm not going to have any regrets in this department. As for the late night partying, I can't make any promises.


B-Tuck said...

I wish we could be roommates forever. In fact, I wish we were really roommates to being with. Happy roommating. It looks quite promising to me too, you lucky duck.

Natalie said...

Oh the freshmen! I remember someone telling me when I was a freshman that you could always pick out the freshmen and I didn't believe them because I thought I was so mature. Sure enough, the next year, I got a good laugh at the many bright and smiling fresmen faces. It embarrasses me to think back on my fresmen year, but then again, I would have to say I did dorky things my sophomore, junior, and senior years, too! Oh well--the important thing is just to have fun and make good memories!

Charmaine said...

You just be a good example for my little niece! No more late night parties.
Good luck this year girls,make us proud!