Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ode to Matt

Sunday night I went home to Mom, Matt, and Dad. I took a long nap on my old bed in my old room. (which is really like how celebrities have two houses, I have two rooms, everything is in tact and I still own that room) I woke up after the sun went down, to Matt asking if I was awake yet. He got on the bed with me and we chatted and laughed while I tried to gain conherence. I did wake up over the course of the conversation. What followed is possibly one of my favorite moments in all the moments I've experienced. We chatted and laughed about Matt's swine flu, and not eating for three days, and all the accompanying symptoms that would just not be polite to describe here. We both sighed and layed there in silence for a few seconds.

Matt: (sigh) "I just, want... pizza"

If you are a member of my immediate family you are probably dying right now knowing that this is just proof that there is only one thing on that 17 year-old boy's mind.

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Charmaine said...

I hope you went out and got him one. you know that's the only thing that helps get rid of that dirty old flu!!