Friday, March 13, 2009

I'm going to do this from now on

The one time I got a new wallet, I documented the old and the new. This is really exciting to share these unimportant, and completely ordinary things with the world (that consists of the readers of this blog which is up to 3 now... thanks guys!!)
Tonight was the night!
Out with the old...

(I have really torn it up with these vans, that big hole in the toe is from the time I almost died longboarding. I'm pretty sure I told my blog readers about that. And I hope you can see the outline of my toes on the tops of the shoes.)

In with the New...

I'm so excited about my grownup shoes

ps- i still love sushi. it's officially my new comfort food. 


Natalie said...

Love the new shoes! I think I'm going to get Garrett some just like them.

Charmaine said...

Great shoes! The new ones aren't so bad either!