Sunday, April 17, 2011

9 times a bridesmaid, but never

giving up hope. ;)
My April was ALL about love. Three more experiences were added to my resume this month bringing my total to 9, which is really triple the amount the old saying really allows for. I'm sure it's just a saying....
Eric and Ginia started us off and they started it right. I had so much fun at their wedding. Probably more fun than I've had at a wedding in years. Maybe it's because I have significantly more fun with my siblings now than I did growing up. Now I laugh with all of them instead of spend 99% of my time reporting legitimate cases of torture to Dub Dub. Gini hired a wedding planner who basically did all the grunt work the day of so we could just have fun. Thanks so much guys. Your reception did more for me than you know!
After the wedding, I worked for a week in DC then headed to LA for Becky's wedding. I had such a good week. I kind of felt like I was at home in a way. The Tuckers are so good to me I just feel right at home. I had so much fun helping and the best part was getting to "help" with the bridals. I held Becky's dress and was basically the peanut gallery but it was a fun night. And the reception was the bomb. I didn't find any love, but I did find candy and wontons and now I'm drooling again.
And last but not least Alison got married last Saturday. I loved her colors! And her adorable centerpieces and flowers. Just all the details were so good. And the most impressive part is that she did it all herself. Literally. She was still directing everything at the reception and looking like a million bucks doing it. Alison has been such a good friend to me since we became friends as roommates in apartment 48 at the Riv. I'm so glad I got to be part of her important day.
But now I need another reason to vacate Manassas to party with my favorite people. I'll let you know the instant I do.


Alison said...

Dearest my friend Mallory,

I loved YOUR colors at the wedding. I don't think I got a chance to say it as enthusiastically as I felt it but you were wonderful, you looked beautiful and you saved my bacon. I am sorry to have to call you on a lie on your own blog, but I definitely did not do everything myself in the wedding. You and the other troops made it all come together and kept me from falling apart. You can come home anytime, and we have a spare room which we will let you sleep in. (The very sparest.) I love you and we must talk the way I wished we could have at the wedding. Alas I needed to whisper requests while I smiled so that I didn't appear to be the shrew I know I was. ;)And when you get married I will be yours to command.

Natalie said...

How did I miss this post? I love the wedding rundown. The only thing it is missing is a lovely picture of you in each of your gowns from the respective weddings. You looked fabulous in each of them, so get on it! :)