Friday, November 13, 2009

Sentimental Girl

I've always felt like a small fish in a big big pond here in Happy Valley. I've felt like a little freshman who had confidence in spades in high school who suddenly finds her jokes completely out of touch with all these adults. Then one day, I show up to school and there are these little little girls who tell me how much they want to get married and how the game plan is to bake her boyfriend goodies until she gets a ring. And there is another little girl who cries because her roommates are super lame and I sit down and count 26 roommates I've lived with over the past 3 years and I try to convince her that one day these roommates and failed tests will blend in with all the other disappointments.

I look for jobs and so many are out of Utah, which is the only home I've ever known, and I wonder if I leave Provo single and go to some city in the Midwest have I just wasted the last 4 years? Single members come to this town from all over the world, and I am too picky to find one, and I'm about to hit up some city where my chances statistically must be reduced by an estimate of about 98.9%.

But I try to tell her that even though your dishwasher has sewage water backed up in it for the 13th time this semester, and that boy in your ward shoved your face in ice cream in a crowded Coldstone on your first date that there are still things to be happy about. I'm so happy for the mountains and the weather. And the temple and walks to school and the visits from your big brothers. And your niece just appearing in the Clyde where I spend 80% of my life. On top of that, your nephew gave you three kisses in a row on Sunday. It's kind of funny that you live in a dump and you are so poor you can't see New Moon. I get happy spending my time watching youtube videos with my friends and playing uno and volleyball. And honestly people would probably tell me I shouldn't be happy. But the thing I'm most grateful for is that my parents are married. I'm so thankful my brothers are married to my sister-in-laws and that everyone keeps trying to be a family even though we don't always say nice things to eachother. My buddy just went home for a custody battle over her younger siblings and my other little girlfriend ran away from home when she was 16. I don't really care anymore that my GPA is so low and that I don't weigh 130lbs. All I want to do is sit around the kitchen table and quote movie lines with my brothers.

And I think stuff like this every minute of every day counting day the moments to graduation when my world will really be turned upside down again. I can't help it. I want the time to slow down, and so it just keeps getting faster. I just try to enjoy every moment in apartment 16 even more.


Natalie said...

Nice post, Mal! Very sentimental, but I enjoyed it. I have to say I'm jealous of the three consecutive kisses you received from Garrett. He's not much of a kisser, so I always feel lucky to get even one, let alone 3!!! You are very loved!

P.S. I'm going to have to ask you to stop all job hunting outside of Utah. That doesn't really work for me.

Eric said...

You would include a statistic......NERD.

Mike said...

Mal! I loved it! It made me remember leaving BYU! It's hard, but rewarding :)