Monday, August 18, 2008

Seven Random Things

Nad tagged me on July 10 with the sidenote that I really needed to update my blog (my bad, I think I figured, if I don't get on for a while, no one else will right?) I am shamefully embarrassed.

1. I thought this would be appropriate with Nat's number one. I LOVE running. I am an off and on runner, if there's a party, I'll most likely stay up late, and sleep in the next day. But I love distance running. The longest distance I have ran is about 7.5 miles. I'd like to run a 10k race, maybe maybe a half marathon. But I like the 'shorter' races of about a 5k. I'm not sure I ever have the desire to run a full marathon. We shall see, but don't hold your breath.

2. I have lived in 4 different apartments at the Riveria in Provo. I'll be here a total of two years in the spring. (I MIGHT move on after that)

3. I am a chemical engineering major (nerrrrrrrd)

4. I have 5 brothers and no sisters. I love my new sisters Nat and Cathy though! We have a blast talking about shopping, boys, twilight (cathy especially) and I wonder what I did growing up without sisters! (Oh now I remember, I would wear my brothers clothes against my mom's best efforts to stop me, and try to act just like them. I was a big tomboy too Sandy!)

5. Not a fan of baking. I like cooking, but I can count on one hand how many times I have baked cookies (zero) and brownies (5) while I've been in college. And I don't think I've ever delivered them to anyone. (I'm working on it...) I hope this one makes Aspen feel better ;)

6. I had 5 cats between 2nd and 3rd grade. I took care of them the best I could, but one was hit by a car, one dissapeared, one got cancer, I think one was poisoned, and I still have one! I got her while I was in third grade. She had kittens soon after I got her, but now she's all fixed. So she was mature when I got her about 11 years ago. I'm so glad my parents still take care of her, because even though I'm horribly allergic (which makes me tend to get annoyed with cats) I have a soft place in my heart for her, and she still recognizes me when I come home. Greg is not a fan of cats, but he would be so nice to my cat when I was around. He's so sweet.

7. Finally...(I'm struggling *see numbers 3, 4, and 5) I drive a '92 Ford Taurus. It's kind of a big deal. This would be the third car I have 'driven'. The first one (turquoise buick skylark, nicknamed the shark because it actually looked like a shark) I totalled after having my license for 3 months. Without my dad's patience and concern for my safety I don't think I would have made it through my mothers obvious frustration. The second (and my favorite) was an '86 honda accord (thanks to eric, it was fitted with sub woofers.) PIMP. It just blew up while I was driving down the freeway at 2 AM. My parents came and got me at the point of the mountain, towed the car home then drove me to Provo so I could make it to church. I got home at 6 AM. The best car story-- My dad's honda got stolen while I was driving it (well it was parked when it actually got stolen) then we got it back. (That's the REAL short version of the story. If you want longer, ask me, not my dad, he'll exagerate)

I am now tagging all the Fergusons!

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