Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I missed you too.

Sorry its been so long. (in case you actually wanted me to write something else) I took a look at my past blog posts today, and I don't like nature valley granola bars anymore, I actually ate about 2,000 and now I gag when I see them. Everything else is pretty much still valid.

I actually started drafting this blog post about a month ago, it was rather scarce on quality content since I haven't done anything wild and crazy in awhile. Funny thing though-- I wrote about some minor, and clumsy injuries, then saved this draft, then had a serious doosy. Oh yeah, but you have to read (or at least skim through the less exciting ones to get to the good one-- and believe me its a sweet one) Sadly though, my camera is having a midlife crisis so I don't have any injury pictures (I KNOW! I'm just as frustrated as you. Maybe Matt can describe the good ones to you :)

I have sustained a handful of injuries this past few weeks, that I thought would be beneficial to you. First-- I was out running south on canyon road, I was almost home. I got close to the intersection, and headed for the sidewalk (I like running on the road if its possible). There was a big puddle next to the gutter, so I calculated it into my needed large step to get onto the sidewalk. Unfortunately, I am not blessed with sufficient depth perception, and I didn't notice the curb was 4 inches higher than standard US curbs. Then I was laying on the ground, and I rolled over and just enjoyed the sky. Second-- I was trying to be cool, and longboard in the parking lot of my my apt complex. I decided it would be in my best interest to attempt a nose manual (leaning on the front two wheels, while the back ones are off the ground) I have never in my life have been thrown to the ground so quickly. I really couldn't remember for a second what I did that caused me to eat the asphalt. And just a few minor ones-- during some pool-ball I took an elbow to the eye, and an elbow to the chin. I showed the sister missionaries walking through the parking lot, and told them to feel my face. Sister Dumas gasped and said she didn't need to touch she could see it. And another this morning while I was running, I ran into a fence. Literally, I ran right into it, and my elbow is just not as sexy as it used to be.

And the best.

When I first got my longboard, an un-named uncle said "So I heard you got a death board" "yeah, thanks." Interestingly enough, I believe people can actually die on a longboard. Matt and I rode down the Provo canyon park trail. My first fall happened while I was crouched down on my board. I got some speed wobbles, got really nervous at my speed, and sort of fell off (half on purpose I think). I ripped the back pocket on my pants, got some road rash on my leg and knee, and scraped my palm a little. Totally awesome dude! (right?) The second fall was a hair more painful. I was riding through nunns park, and I was riding fast. Really fast. Speed wobbles, blind curve, and nerves equals poor decision making skills. I decided to bail, and I took two steps then did a somersault, and continued doing similar until I came to a stop by smashing the back of my head against the asphalt. In all seriousness, my helmit saved my life. This time I took a chunk out of my right palm. I had road rash on my shoulders, back, elbow, legs, knees, and hands. My face was fine luckily ;) After that, I road down the canyon as slow as I could. It was a long ride, and it stung. My sweet roommates helped me out, by rubbing anticeptic on me, and one roommate even took on the task of digging asphalt out of my right palm (the deepest wound). Matt has been using my board for a few weeks, but I got it back tonight, and I can't wait to ride again. I promise I'll be more careful, it was painful enough. I just wish I had pictures.

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