Saturday, May 10, 2008

Welcome, you must be bored

Its 10:45 on Saturday night, I don't know where my roommates are, I am spending this lovely night alone in my apartment, wearing an old, huge, Famous Dave's shirt sporting the phrase, 'it ain't bar-b-eque unless ya get some on ya!'. With that classy image in your mind, you are ready to step into this high quality piece of literature. So I decided to try and figure out this blog thing with the extra time on my hands. I figured it would really make the world a better place if I told the family, community, and indeed the world about this truly delightful day. I think the majority of it was spent in the car, which wasn't as horrible as it could have been, because Brian and Cathy were quite entertaining. Cathy drove us to Cache valley beginning around 11 am and Brian gave Cathy lots of advice on how the best way to execute the task of driving there. She really shined as she narrated her driving "do do do, time to change lanes, this guy is slow." etc... We went to the Peterson's for a barbeque, to thank Roy and Harvey for traveling so far to see the best baby in the world, Garrett of course. The day was highly entertaining for me, personally. I would say one highlight is when Brooklyn came in excited to see me as usual. She sat on my lap and said "Who is your husband?" "I don't have one" "Why not?" (pause, thinking) "Um" (good question Brooklyn). Funny story #2: Greg broke my thumb, which means I can't give him massages anymore. Then he killed himself over the thought of going without my amazing massages. (Not really, but watch him Nat). Greg being the funny guy that he is participated in the funniest conversation I have heard in a long while. I hate to make his ego too big, but it was too funny not to share. Garrett had been being passed around all day (as usual) and Roy is just in love with this little boy, so anytime someone nearby was holding Garrett, he sincerely would tell Garrett how much he loved him. He was so sweet. I couldn't help but think Roy would probably want to try holding Garrett, so I asked if he would, and he said yes. I put Garrett in Roy's arms. Roy held him on his chest, and Garrett snuggled for a little bit. Then Garrett started to slide into Roy's side, and Roy didn't really notice Garrett was quite near suffocating with his face in Roy's sweater. We all watched for a little bit, getting more and more anxious, finally Aunt Paula looked at me and said why don't you grab him, so I got up and proceeding to save Garrett's life by turning him over and providing him access to life sustaining oxygen. At this point no one wants to say anything to hurt Roy's feelings then Greg walks up as I am turning Garrett over and says to Roy "if you continue to hold him like that he's going to suffocate" (Roy) "Oh I'm sorry" (Greg) "along those lines, don't let him get a plastic bag over his head. He probably already has brain damage from the last one." to which we all laugh hysterically as quiet as we can. Then it really started getting wild (Roy) "Oh you must have had a plastic bag over your head once" (Greg) "I was going to tell you to just go ahead and put one on your head". As if we all aren't already dying, Garrett's head starts to slip under Roy's armpit as he doesn't notice, and Greg proceeds to ask "Oh are you going to sit on him now?". Let's just say Greg the comedian was on a roll as usual, too bad he will never get another massage. We sure missed mom, dad, matt, eric, and of course mike, but it was a quiet little day in newton complete with the horse maneur wafting our way occasionally, and/or Brian wafting my way.

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meg said...

Mal! I'm so excited that you have a blog!!! your posts are hysterical!I am TOTALLY gonna read your blog EVRY DAY!!!!!!! plus, today, WE SAW YOUR APARTMENT! It's totally cute! The pool was my favorite part!See you soon!

Love you!
Meg =)