Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mighty Mighty Scofield, Mighty Mighty Me

Brian (In his bunny suit- not a gay thing, ask me about it later): you coming fishing saturday?
Me: (light bulb moment) yes me and cathy are going to go trail running
Brian: have you asked her?
Me: nope

Fast forward, Saturday Morning 4:30 AM running clothes + Diet Coke + Dad, Brian, Cathy. Get up and roll to Schofield reservior. Counter intuitively this was the best day of my life thus far. Minus every moment I spend with Garrett. Of course I'm tired, but Schofield was BEAUTIFUL, the sun was rising, the lake was smooth, the air was crisp, and everything was quiet. Cathy and I tuned our nike+ipod mechanisms while Brian and Dad headed for the shore to capture fish. I also was calling PETA at this point. Just Kidding. Cathy and I started walking and ended up having a great walk and hike. We kept telling eachother how awesome this whole thing was. The day really got eventful when we found a tetherball pole at a cabin. I made Cathy play, and we put the scene in Napoleon Dynamite to shame. Seriously it was disastrous, but hysterical. I reminded Cathy every time I almost hit her in the face "someone is going to get hit in the face" and by that I meant she is was going to hit and I was trying to warn her. Then BAM! she nailed me in the nose. Then we fell over laughing hysterically complete without the breathing. So I check my ipod to see how far we've gone before we turn around and surprisingly, my ipod had just stopped counting my miles, weird, whatever. So we head back and we got distracted by the swings, when I looked down at my shoe I realized the reason my ipod stopped clocking my intense trail run was because the nike+ipod sensor had fallen out of my shoe!! DUN DUN DUN!! Then began the retracing of steps to find that little gem. All in all, we traveled about 4 miles. Go us! We headed back to the shore to find that Brian and Dad were busy harvesting the mother fish, full of eggs and all. Don't worry, Brian squeezed all the eggs out before we left. Dad documented the whole thing with mom's mother's day present, and we were all very impressed by the new camera. Anyways we have a new Saturday tradition, everyone is welcome. But I don't think anyone reads this blog.


Natalie said...

Hey Mal, you're pretty funny! That's pretty and funny! Too bad your grammar ain't! You might want to take some English classes! About a hundred! Love Ya!
P.S. Check the spelling on Scofield!

Charmaine said...

Hey Mallory Baby, it was so nice of you to come visit my blog, thanks much. Now, about that little boy named Garrett! I can tell you really love him and that is a very good sign of a great aunt! Not that you're his great-aunt, that's me, But you are a great aunt. Love ya Babes!

Aunt Mainie