Friday, July 8, 2011

The Weekend Update

I love surprising people. I don't think there is anything wrong with grooming well. I don't see how not doing my hair and putting on eyeliner, earrings and a decent outfit will do the world any good. "Just relax, be yourself" well I'm trying to get married and two) is this an ok version of myself? Lady GaGa said in an interview on 60 minutes that her fans deserved the best and she would rather die than have them see her without a pair of heels on. Yes girl. Now I don't exactly have the luxury (or the fans) to go quite that far, but I do my best. So I went to get a new checking account now that I have lived outside of Utah for a mere 9 months, and I semi-forgot the lessons Brian and Cath taught a stubborn girl about dressing professionally. I like to look cute remember. So I got dressed up as a pretty girl instead of a business girl. I had earrings and eyeliner and a dress from Calvin Klein on and maybe a long gold necklace and some gold and black flats on. While I was chit chatting it up with this banker lady (?) she asked me a bunch of questions about how I spend money to suggest what types of accounts I should have. Towards the end of the Q&A she asked where I worked/what I do or something like that.

"I'm a process engineer at Micron"
"Oh really?!"
"Haha yeah"
"... but you're so....cute."

Ha. Yes. Thank you for validating me. You said the one thing I live my life trying to get people to say. Seriously I do.


Quinn and Becky Green said...

Awww you ARE so cute! You surprise the world every day with your engineering. Even people who don't know you. I think they just assume that I couldn't have a best friend that smart. It's true that I try to make sure all my friends have lower IQs than me, but I made an exception for my cute engineering friend on account of her cuteness.

Angela Okada said...

LOL! You are gorgeous and don't you forget it!!! Love ya friend!

Natalie said...

A cute giant chemical engineer. Who knew? I'm so honored to be your soulmate...

John, Rebekah, Geneva & Josiah said...

"... but you're so....cute."

True story Mallory. The more I get to know you the cuter you are. And the more you remind me of Rebekah, the more I like you.