Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Clyde is Closed

So I'm sitting in a computer lab after my 8 am class trying to finish a homework assignment. I'm in a low stress state because I have three hours until my next obligation. Suddenly out goes the power. Me and the 10 men in their late 20's react only slightly less excited than elementary students when it snows, or someone hits the lights. I decided that a nap in the dark would be the best use of my time during this power outage. So I close my eyes just in time for the lab manager to come in and say "um... you guys need to leave." Ok, fine. Now is when my mind started racing. What does one do without the INTERNET?! Calm down right? Right. So I thought I guess I could study a book? I started up the stairs to my lab when the fire alarm goes off. Whatever right? I went to the bookstore because I needed a binder, then I read a book for about an hour. I heard so many conversations from lost engineers like myself. There were 200 people out and about on campus with no home. This is sad people. Almost as sad as the fact that when the power goes out and I can't use the computer, the first thing I think to do is go find another computer to blog about my computer turning off.
I headed back to the Clyde at 11 for another freshman panel to explain "What I wish I knew freshman year" (it's funny how I'm asked for, by name, for these panels because there are three women and 50 men graduating this year). Instead of going to this panel, I found a police officer taping off the doors with caution tape. The first thought: I need a picture. So as not to annoy the officer, I walked to the front of the building where I was sure the same tape would already be. It was really funny (moronic) when three students who think they are important try frantically to stop me as I walk toward the doors "You can't go in there!!" It took all my strength to refrain from responding with something like "I can read you idiots" or "oh! is that what this yellow tape is for?"

ah the satisfaction that I cannot work or go to my 3 hour lab class. So I'm in the library. And let me tell you, the senior engineers are sticking out like sore thumbs.

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B-Tuck said...

Mallory!! I hope you didn't try to open that door. YOU CAN'T GO IN THERE!!!!!