Sunday, August 18, 2013

For Dani Darke

Sorry I've been stinking at blogging Dani! But you've been faithfully encouraging me so I promise to start blogging semi-consistently again.

David and I met doing family history and he's always says that when we stop thinking about ourselves and all the things we want and just do what Heavenly Father asks us to (even if it's just helping some stranger type their family members names into a family tree) then He can bless us how He needs to. You know how people always say you find the person to marry when you stop looking? Well I don't think I really ever stopped looking but I was trying for it not to be David. I was trying to just be friends and be nice and talk about the gospel and leave it at that. The more I just wanted it to only be that, the more I think we gravitated to eachother. It was a long, awkward, tearful journey, but the reward is the best one I've ever had.

He's been in VA for a few weeks and he gets back to Utah on Tuesday and I can't wait. Wedding plans are coming right along so I hope you plan to DANCE on September 13th.